Tel: 01727 855160 or 01727 823245 
Fax: 01727 863594 or 01727 827568

For test results, please call after 2.00pm

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Surgery Telephone Number: 01727 823245

Surgery Opening Times

Monday - Friday 8.00am - 6.30pm
Monday Commuter Clinic 6.30pm - 8.30pm (please note phones are monitored during this time by out of hours)
Saturdays - Extended AccessAsk at reception. Saturdays must be pre-booked. (please note phones are monitored during this time by out of hours)

Further details are available at reception.

Making an Appointment

You can make an appointment at the surgery in the following ways; 
We recognise that illnesses are not predictable. We will always endeavour to manage your request on the same day, if the problem is medically urgent you will be able to speak to the triage doctor who will, where appropriate, offer you an appointment on the same day, however we can’t guaranteed your choice of doctor.  

Routine appointments can be made up to six weeks in advance. The receptionist will try to give you an appointment with the doctor of your choice . We recommend if you have a long term condition or you are on multiple medications – it is worth waiting a little longer to see the same doctor although all our doctors will be able to safely manage your condition. 

Patients with mobility problems will be offered appointments, if available, downstairs.  

Fully trained chaperones are available on request – if a chaperone is not available at the time of your appointment it may be necessary to re book for another time. Please discuss with your doctor.  

A hearing loop is available if required. Interpreters are available if required – Please inform the reception team when booking an appointment. 

If you wish to see a doctor of your own sex for a particular problem, you are free to do so. . 

We aim to see patients at their allocated appointment time, however the nature of medical care means that it is inevitable that some consultations require longer than the scheduled time - or interruptions happen for urgent reasons. Though we do our best to keep to schedule, we will always give time to a sick or distressed person even if it means we occasionally run over time. Thank you for your understanding at these times. 

Please note If a patient is late for a routine appointment, it is practice policy to ask the patient to make another appointment, however the doctor or nurse may still see you if time allows. 

Please remember that each appointment is for one person only. 
Further details are available at reception. 

Please let us know if you are unable to keep your appointment. Tell us as soon as possible if you cannot keep your appointment so we can offer it to another patient.  

Cancelling an Appointment